10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue Before You Book

Recently engaged? Congratulations! Flush from the proposal and well-wishes of family and friends, one of the first things couples do is think about potential wedding venues. Your venue will play a key role in the style of your wedding, so of course it’s important to think about aesthetics and design. But it’s equally important to consider the practicalities of your potential wedding venue. Primarily, you should make sure that it meets your budget including any extra costs you’ll need to consider, such as catering, entertainment, tables and chairs, transport, etc.

With that in mind, here are 10 important questions to ask a wedding venue before you book.

Top 10 questions to ask a wedding venue

Questions to ask your wedding venue - what happens if it rains?

Firstly, an extra tip – take a notebook or tablet with you when you visit a venue so you can make notes of the answers to your questions. And don’t worry that your questions may seem silly, it’s totally ok to ask anything you like; after all, it’s your day and it has to be perfect.

  1. Is the venue available on the date I’d like to book? If it isn’t and you’re flexible with dates this probably won’t be a problem. If you can’t be flexible, it’s time to move on to your next choice.
  2. How much does it cost, and what exactly does this cost include? This is obviously a biggie. Make sure you get a breakdown of the cost details. You don’t want to find out at a later stage that your cost doesn’t include things you’d consider essential, such as table or chair cloths, enough waiting staff, or an arrival drink.
  3. How many people can the venue hold? Whatever size wedding you’re planning, you need to know that your venue is right for you. If it’s too small for your number of guests, you’ll find it awkward and cramped. Conversely, it will seem ridiculously big if you don’t have the number of guests to fill the space. Questions to ask your wedding venue - is the date that we want available?
  4. What about catering? Find out whether the venue can provide catering (and if so whether it’s included in the price), or whether you will need to bring in outside catering.
  5. Who will be my contact person? It’s really convenient to have one person to speak to at the venue. They’ll know all the details about what you want, when, and where – and you can ask them all your questions (because there will be more than the ten on this list – we asked our venue whether they allow dogs at their weddings!). Ask whether they’ll be there on the day to help make sure that all the little details are dealt with and your big day runs smoothly.
  6. Can I have the ceremony at the venue, too? A lot of venues have a license to hold weddings. If you want the convenience of holding your ceremony in the same place as your reception, this is an important question!
  7. Will there be any other weddings being held on the same day? At larger venues, you may find more than one wedding being celebrated at the same time, with guests sharing public spaces. If you’d rather have something more private, check with the venue that yours will be the only wedding held on that day.
  8. What’s the contingency for bad weather? If you’d like all or part of your wedding to be hosted outdoors, make sure there’s a plan that you’re happy with in case of inclement weather.
  9. Does the venue help with the décor? Ask what the venue provides in the way of décor, and from the answer to that figure out how much of the décor you will need to supply yourselves. Don’t forget that costs can easily add up! Questions to ask your wedding venue - what decor is included?
  10. Is there accommodation? There may be accommodation at your chosen venue. If so, can you be allocated a certain number of rooms? Is there a bridal suite included in the price? What other accommodation is there in the area? If your guests are travelling a distance, it’s very convenient to stay somewhere near the venue.

Finally, an extra tip to round everything off – make sure you get everything you agree with the venue in writing. That way, you’ll have a record of what you’ve both agreed.

Happy wedding venue hunting!