13 Things To Include On A Wedding Invitation

If you’ve already chosen your wedding invitations and nailed the style and design of your special day, here comes the tricky part! Making sure you include everything - and getting the wedding invitation wording right - seems quite simple, but it’s easy to forget little details.

Bespoke Wedding Invitations

It’s important that your wedding invitations reflect both the style of your day and your personalities. Your style, as well as how much time and budget you have, will help dictate the type of wedding (and the type of wedding invitations) you choose. Bespoke wedding invitations can really show off your style and let guests know the type of day to expect - and they don’t have to be expensive!

13 Things To Include On A Wedding Invitation - bespoke wedding invitations

These are our 13 things to consider for inclusion on a wedding invitation, as well as some helpful tips and hints to make sure your guests have all the information they need.

  1. Who’s hosting the wedding - this could be you and your partner, your parents, or even your children
  2. The request to attend your wedding - it is an invitation, after all!
  3. Your names - and if you’re changing your surname, this is probably one of the last times you’ll use your maiden name.
  4. Your guests’ names - don’t be ambiguous about this, you don’t want someone bringing a plus one that you haven’t invited, so be specific!
  5. The location of the wedding - including the name and address of your venue.13 Things To Include On A Wedding Invitation - wedding venue information
  6. The date and time - it’s surprising how easy it is to miss off the time! It’s also a good idea to let guests know approximately what time your wedding will finish.
  7. Reception information - if your reception isn’t at the same venue as your ceremony, your guests will need the name and address of the second location, as well as timings. It’s also handy for guests to know if food will be provided and whether you’re having a cash bar. (A cash bar is a great way for you to save some money on your celebrations, and it’s worth letting guests know what to expect so they can be prepared.)
  8. Dress code - if you are having a dress code, let guests know on the wedding invitation so they have plenty of time to find a suitable outfit.13 Things To Include On A Wedding Invitation - dress code
  9. RSVP details - you’ll need to include a date for your guests to RSVP to you by, as well as the best way for them to reply to you. Make it easy for them and you’ll receive responses more quickly, which means you can then get your seating plan sorted!
  10. Gift list information - your guests will expect to give you a gift and while this may feel a bit presumptuous, you can make their lives easier by letting them know exactly what you want by providing a gift list. It’s also becoming more common to ask for donations to charity or money towards your honeymoon - again, these details should be included on your wedding invitation.13 Things To Include On A Wedding Invitation - gift list information
  11. Inviting children - if you’re inviting children, make sure you name them on the invitation to avoid ambiguity. If you don’t want to have children at your wedding, you will need to make this clear as well so your guests don’t assume their children are invited.
  12. Your wedding website - the number of couples having a wedding website is on the increase because it’s a really handy way of staying in touch with guests in the lead up to your special day. Include details of your website on your invitation (and vice versa, include all the information from your wedding invitation on your website).
  13. Wedding invitation inserts - as an addition to your wedding invitation, you can also include a separate insert with additional information. This can detail:
  • Directions to your venue(s) - and between the two if they are in different locations
  • Public transport and parking options
  • Accommodation
  • Theme details
  • Anything you are planning for the day after your wedding, like a relaxed brunch or informal drinks

Don’t forget the wedding invitations are only one part of your complete wedding stationery package! Check out our handy guide to all the other wedding stationery you will need.

Wedding invitation wording

For a traditional ceremony, wedding invitation wording is relatively straightforward...but it can get complicated. Maybe it’s your second marriage, you want to include your children, your parents are divorced and have remarried, it’s a civil ceremony, same-sex wedding, or you and your partner are hosting; there are many different ways of wording wedding invitations. You also need to consider how formal or informal you want to be, and you’ll need different wording on reception-only invites. Luckily, we’ve found some great guidance on wedding invitation wording for all types of weddings.

You can also use wedding invitation templates which include an outline of all the information you need to include, and you can just fill in your own details. Simple!

When to send wedding invitations

Make sure you start work on your invites about four months before your wedding. That will leave you (and your designer, if you’re having invitations made) plenty of time to get them right and ensure you’ve included all the information you need to. Don’t forget, addressing the envelopes and getting them in the post also takes time!

Wedding invitations are typically sent around six weeks before your wedding day, but this should really be the minimum amount of time you give your guests - especially if they are coming from overseas (or you’re having an overseas wedding).

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