A Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist

Before you started planning your wedding, you may have thought that wedding invitations would be it as far as wedding stationery is concerned. And while an invitation is obviously key, there’s so much more to it than that.

Planning a wedding takes a great deal of organisation, and wedding stationery can help your guests know what’s happening on your special day. A save the date card and wedding invitation also set the tone for your wedding and give an idea of the style and colour you’ve chosen.

A Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist - let guests know the style of your event

Wedding stationery is something that many couples want to create themselves, either so they can put their budget towards something else or because it’s quite a lovely and personal thing to do. Just be aware that it’s more difficult and time-consuming to get exactly right than you may think (unless you’re a graphic designer!). You also don’t have to spend a fortune on wedding stationery to get something that’s perfect for you.

To make buying wedding stationery a little bit easier, use our complete checklist – it’s a comprehensive guide, and some elements are definitely optional!

Essential Wedding Stationery

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the key element of your wedding stationery. They come in all shapes and sizes, from luxury wedding invitations to personalised wedding invitations, off-the-shelf wedding invitation packages that you write yourself to ones you can print at home, and so on.

The most important thing is that you choose wedding stationery that suits you and your day, and if you’re having personalised wedding stationery you give yourself plenty of time to get it right.

We recommend you send your invites out a few months before the big day. They need to include key details like the date, time, and ceremony and reception locations.

Wedding Invitation Details Cards

Your guests will need quite a lot of information about your wedding and a wedding invitation details card, sent with the invite, can provide everything they need to know without cluttering up the invitation itself.

The wedding details card can detail the location, nearby accommodation, dress code, more information about the reception, gift list, and a link to your wedding website (if you have one).

RSVP Cards

Including an RSVP card in with your wedding invitation makes it easy for your guests to let you know if they can attend. You just need to ask them to write their names and whether they will be able to attend your wedding or not, and maybe leave space for them to write a message. Don’t forget to give them a date to respond back to you by – typically a month before the wedding.

You can also include stamped, self-addressed envelopes with your RSVP cards to make it even easier for your guests, and you know that you’ll get a quicker response.


There will probably be two envelopes with your wedding invitation package – the one you send your invitations, details, and RSVP card in, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your guests to use when they RSVP.

Order of Service & Order of Events

A Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist - Order of Events

An order of service at your ceremony will let your guests know what to expect and when, provide a list of readings, and also tell your guests if/when they need to participate. This is especially common if you’re having a religious ceremony.

An order of events should be displayed somewhere prominent as a reminder to your guests about the timings throughout the entire day – drinks, photos, first dance, cutting the cake, and so on.

Seating Plan

Seating plans are typically displayed at the entrance to the reception area and simply allow your guests to find their seat. While the seating plan is essential, you can also have place cards at each seat.

Wedding Menu

A Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist - seating plan, menu & place cards

No matter the type of food you’re serving, whether it’s an informal buffet or a sit-down dinner, you should let your guests know what’s on the menu. If you’ve given your guests a choice of meals, you can remind them what their selections were. Having a menu is also useful for guests who have food allergies or sensitivities.

Thank You Cards

After your wedding, it’s so important to thank your guests for their gifts and for celebrating with you. Try and send thank you cards within a couple of months of your wedding – even if you had a large wedding and have lots of people to thank! It’s also nice to include a personalised message to each guest.

Optional Wedding Stationery

Save the Date Cards

Although sending a save the date card is becoming more of the norm it isn’t an essential part of your wedding stationery package, especially when we are all so connected by technology and it’s easy to let people know your date. Save the date cards are really useful if you’re planning an overseas or destination wedding as they’ll give your guests plenty of time to prepare – you could even send them out a year in advance.

Your save the date card should include the wedding date (obviously!), the location, and a message saying that a full wedding invitation will follow.

Place Cards

As well as having a table plan, you can have place cards at each guest’s seat so they know where to sit. Place cards can also be part of your wedding favours, and include a reminder of what your guests have chosen to eat if they have pre-selected their meal.

Be My Bridesmaid/Best Man/Usher Cards

Sending a personal card to ask your best friends or family to support you on your special day can be a lovely gesture.

Hen & Stag Party Invitations

If you’re organising your own hen or stag party, you can set the tone with personalised invitations.

At Betty & Babs, we like to keep things simple. Our personalised wedding stationery sets include a wedding invitation package, order of events, seating plan, and menu. Take a look at our collections and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.