How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Stationery?

While wedding stationery trends can be geared towards the extravagant (and for “extravagant” read “expensive”), there is a wide range of wedding stationery available - and therefore staggeringly different amounts it can cost. So how much should you spend on wedding stationery?

Well, the obvious answer is that it’s entirely up to you - your style, budget, taste, and even how much importance you place on having wedding stationery that wows. We have even heard of e-wedding stationery, which could save you a lot of money but isn’t quite as special…

How much should you spend on wedding stationery - it's not just about the wedding invitations

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, bear in mind that the average cost for wedding stationery in the U.K. is £465, or 2.5% of the average total wedding budget.

Deciding The Cost of Your Wedding Stationery

The many different types of wedding stationery available (see some examples below) mean that you could spend anything from £50 to thousands of pounds. Where to start? Firstly, consider just how important wedding stationery is to you and figure out your budget. Then think about all the types of print and paper, if you’ll use a wedding stationery designer, the quality you’re after, and of course how much wedding stationery you’ll need - and don’t forget it’s about more than invitations!

Bespoke Wedding Stationery

For some, this is the ultimate in wedding stationery. And we agree, it is completely gorgeous. If you want to go all-out, completely bespoke wedding stationery is where it’s at (and it’s also where your money’s at). If you want hot foiled, gilt-edged, hand-illustrated stationery with fancy finishes like wax seals, envelope liners, and top quality paper or card, expect to pay for it.

Pre-designed Personalised Wedding Stationery

How much should you spend on wedding stationery - get pre-designed wedding stationery you can personalise

This, we believe, is the winner: pre-designed wedding stationery that can be personalised and customised with your text. It’s a lovely mid-way option between completely bespoke wedding stationery and buying a pack of invitations from Paperchase. Now of course we would say this, but with the potential to save hundreds - if not thousands - of pounds and still have gorgeous stationery, we think it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Shop-Bought Wedding Stationery

And yes, there is the option of going to Paperchase (or indeed any other stationery shop). You’ll clearly save money, and it gives you the opportunity to see and touch a wide range of wedding stationery at varying prices. Look out for sales, too.

Make Your Own Wedding Stationery

If you don’t have a large budget, simply don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on wedding stationery, or if you’re a creative type who loves a craft project, you have a few DIY options:

  • Buy a wedding stationery kit - it will provide you with basic templates you can then make yourself
  • Email your save-the-dates and invites (just don’t forget that you may also need a seating plan, wedding menu, order of service, etc.)
  • Design and print your wedding stationery yourself (especially useful if you’re a graphic designer)

How much should you spend on wedding stationery - make your own wedding stationery

Remember that it’s not just about the design, print, and postage of your wedding invitations. You still need to consider wedding stationery like orders of service, seating plans, and menus. Most couples want the same designs and finishes for everything so their whole wedding has a certain theme and style.

At Betty & Babs, we have a range of personalised wedding stationery sets for you to print. Take a look at our collections and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.