No Children Wedding Invitation Wording

Inviting children to your wedding (or not) is often one of the biggest guest list decisions to make. You probably have family and friends who’d love to have their children there, and of course you want to make sure everyone is happy. But it’s your wedding after all, and this decision – no matter how difficult or emotional – is up to you.

No children wedding invitation - adults only receptions

Not having children at your wedding may not be a personal choice. There are very practical reasons for keeping your wedding adults-only. You may need to control the cost, the venue may not allow children, or maybe the style of day you’ve chosen means that it just isn’t suitable for children.

But no matter the reason, you do need to be clear when children aren’t invited. One of the ways to do that is with how you word your wedding invitations. This helps to avoid confusion, and it can be done in a very tactful way. Feel free to use some of these no children wedding invitation wording examples on your invites!

No Children Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

As you’ll see, there are a few ways you can approach this tricky topic…

Get straight to the point

This simple, direct solution leaves no room for confusion:

  • No children, please
  • Adults-only wedding and reception
  • Please respect our wishes for a child-free reception
  • This invitation is extended to adults only

Softened up no children wording

No children weddings - adults can dust off their dancing shoes

If you’re after wording that’s a little less direct but which still leaves you clear of confusion, try one of these suggestions:

  • In order to allow all guests, including parents, an evening of relaxation, our wedding day will be an adults-only occasion. Make sure you book a babysitter!
  • So all our guests have the opportunity to enjoy themselves without little eyes and ears to worry about, we politely request no children. We also thought you might like a day off!
  • While we love all of your children, our wedding day will be adults-only. Get your dancing shoes at the ready!

When it’s out of your hands

There are wedding venues that don’t allow children. If that’s the case, try one of these phrases on your wedding invites:

  • Due to restrictions at the venue we have chosen, we cannot invite children to our wedding.
  • The management at our chosen venue has requested no children under the age of X.
  • By request of the management at our chosen venue, children are regrettably unable to attend our wedding.
No children weddings - some venues aren't suitable for children

    When you want children at your ceremony but not at the reception

    You may want children to come to your actual ceremony, but don’t want to invite them to the reception. Try one of these wording examples:

    • Children are welcome at our wedding ceremony only.
    • Children are very welcome at our wedding ceremony, but our reception will be for adults only.
    • We’d love your children to come to our wedding ceremony but in order that all our guests can enjoy a relaxing evening, our reception will be for adults only.

    Children at the reception and not the ceremony

    And if it’s the other way round and you’d like children at your reception but not your ceremony, choose from these options:

    • Children are not invited to our wedding ceremony, but we would love to see them at our reception.
    • We would like our wedding ceremony to be adults-only, but your children are very welcome to come to our evening reception.

    Inviting children of the family only

    No children weddings - inviting children of close family only

    If you want children of your families to come to your wedding but not the children of your friends and guests, try wording your invites a little differently:

    • While we would like to invite all our guests’ children, it is only possible to accommodate our relations’ children.
    • Due to cost restrictions, we can unfortunately only accommodate our close relations’ children.
    • While we love all our friends’ children, we can only accommodate children of our close family at our wedding. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you will still be able to join us.

    Child-Free Wedding Tips

    Aside from the way you word your wedding invitations so your guests are clear you’re having a no children wedding, here are some other tips to consider:

    1. Address your invites by name only to the people you’re inviting
    2. If you have a wedding website, mention your no children policy – you could even recommend local babysitters
    3. Don’t feel bad if you still want a flower girl and ring-bearer – it’s your day and it’s up to you. If you only want them at the reception, it’s a nice gesture to help out by hiring a babysitter on behalf of their parents
    4. But…don’t invite children of some of your friends and not others. Being clear one way or the other will avoid hurt feelings and awkward questions
    5. If anyone still thinks their children are invited, call them and have an open conversation about your decision
    6. Stick to your guns and make sure your day is exactly as you’d like it!

    At Betty & Babs, we can personalise wedding invitations with whatever words you choose. Take a look at our collections and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.