Our Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for 2019/20

Planning the proposal, planning the wedding, and even the day itself, can be very stressful. Your honeymoon is a wonderful time just for you and your new spouse to relax after your wedding day and enjoy the first few weeks of married life together.  

But where to go? The trend for honeymoon destinations changes over time, shaped by celebrities, changing lifestyles, finances, and social influencers. While younger generations may not be able to afford an ultra-luxurious getaway, they are more willing to book honeymoon destination ‘experiences’. It’s a generation that’s used to experiential travel, with gap years, semesters abroad, destination weddings, and good value travel - especially within Europe - meaning that they are likely to want even more from their honeymoon. 

Find your perfect honeymoon destination for 2019-20

Before you start thinking about your honeymoon destination, consider together what you want from your honeymoon. Do you want to lie on a beach for two weeks and simply spend time in each others’ company? Maybe you want to try out the amazing local cuisine, go on hikes, try an adrenalin sport, go to museums and art galleries, indulge in a spa, or take in some city sights. When you know the type of honeymoon that’s right for you, shortlist the destinations that meet your requirements.

You can also take inspiration from our top five honeymoon destinations for 2019 and 2020. Long-distance or short, they’re all romantic, exciting, beautiful destinations - and yes, we had some trouble selecting only five!

Chilean Patagonia - the adventurer's honeymoon destination

Patagonia, an area which covers both Chile and Argentina, is an adventure playground - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a completely romantic honeymoon destination. Visually breath-taking, Chilean Patagonia boasts glaciers, nationals parks, islands, soaring mountains, ancient forests, and an incredible abundance of wildlife. There’s even the opportunity to visit Antarctica. 

Marvel at lakes and glaciers on your honeymoon in Patagonia


For somewhere a little more local, honeymoons in Greece provide tables for two overlooking bright blue bays, rich history, standout food, and some of the best honeymoon suites around. There are also some good value honeymoon packages on Greece’s vast array of islands, from well-known Santorini with its blue domes and white-washed walls to little Sifnos, an idyllic, quiet hideaway a million miles from real life.

Get a bird's eye view of bright blue bays on your honeymoon in Greece

Japan - a unique honeymoon

Japan is a feast for all the senses. A life-changing travel experience, a honeymoon in Japan is a mixture of unique experiences, from the buzz of Tokyo to the peace and history of Kyoto via beautiful hot springs, culinary specialities to be found nowhere else on earth, towering volcanoes, picture-perfect islands, cherry blossoms, Geisha girls, and traditional lodgings. 

Stay in traditional accommodation in the honeymoon destination of Japan


A honeymoon in Iceland is perfect if you aren’t able to take that much time off work - and it offers an outstanding array of activities as well as being romantic (a glass of champagne while watching the Northern Lights, anyone?) and super-relaxing - think hot spas and the incomparable Blue Lagoon. For the more adventurous, hikes take in volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, and dramatic landscapes. Depending on the season, you can also go orca watching, enjoy a ride on a dog-sled or snowmobile, go horse-riding, caving, river-rafting, and even snorkelling.

Betty & Babs recommend Iceland for a romantic honeymoon in 2019-20

Zanzibar, Tanzania - part of a perfect honeymoon combi

Just the name ‘Zanzibar’ conjures up a sense of magic and spice, a place where Africa and Arabia tangle to produce an exotic blend of white sand beaches, labyrinthine alleyways, jungle forests, and spice plantations. As a honeymoon destination, Zanzibar is perfect for a safari/beach combination. After spotting the majestic Big Five on safari, you can look forward to relaxing on a pristine beach and snorkelling with sea turtles.

Pristine beaches await in sun-drenched Zanzibar