Why You Should Print Your Own Wedding Stationery

We’re going to start with what NOT to do. We don’t recommend printing wedding stationery on your home printer. It’s a recipe for disaster - the quality of either the print or the paper isn’t normally that great, it takes a looooong time, and well...we all know that home printers can be trying on the nerves.

A great option, however, is having your wedding stationery designed by a professional...and then having them printed by a professional. Why?

5 reasons to print your own wedding stationery

  1. It can be really cost effective. With lots of online printers competing with each other, you can usually find really good deals on print - especially if you’re placing a large order. Try and have as much of your wedding stationery printed in one go as you can so you can take advantage of the economies of scale.
  2. You won’t scrimp on quality. If you’re on a budget and printing at home seems like a good idea to really save the pennies, you simply won’t get the quality of print that you’d get if you go to the professionals.Why you should print your own wedding stationery - choose from a range of paper stock
  3. Printers have a huge choice of paper stock (and matching envelopes). You’ll be able to colour match your paper to your theme and choose from endless options of shimmering, pearl, matte, gloss, textured, linen paper, and more. You can also choose additional elements and special finishes such as block foils, spot UV, laser cutting, and embossing. 
  4. You can be completely unique and have your wedding stationery printed on a different material than paper. Think 3D effects, perspex, wood, metal - they’re all options!Why you should print your own wedding stationery - bespoke design personalised to you
  5. Working with a designer before you have your stationery printed, you’ll get a completely bespoke wedding stationery package that suits your personalities and the style and theme of your wedding day. You can choose a design and wording that’s completely personalised to you and customised to your exact specifications.

At Betty & Babs, we design personalised wedding stationery that can be customised to suit you. We can even create bespoke stationery - and we recommend great printers! Contact us to find out how we can help you with your wedding stationery.